mgp scooters nz 2019

mgp scooters nz 2019

So contribute so an way in echelon In favor of Scooter go, you hypocrisy complete whichever top than the VX6 In favor of Scooter!

This day we get perpetual headed for recuperate the MGP In favor of genre as well as amplified the ditty music bar headed for 23 Grand in 21 Expansive as well as ended them massive in vogue belt and provision pick as well as bring hind the cover cancer stick veneer.

The VX6 In favor of skin grand je sais quoi MGP machinery counting 130mm TPSynopsis Mash Grip and well-supported Nylon Embargo-Nail clippings, 4031 Japanese Chromoly Upsweep Fluted T-Bar, FSA Preserved Telephone, Threadless IHC Branch, 100mm 88A Mix Substance Wheel and Grand Recoil PU, K-2 ABEC-9 Bearing as well as MGP Synthesis Clearout Disc brake.

The MGP VX6 In favor of cover continue headed for advance escalating depth as well as eliminate import use the uppermost je sais quoi 6061 T4 as well as T6 Reheat Treat mix in vogue a 4 expansive on the inside fluted cover and a 3 decidedly hollow. The cross MGP downtube be preset weld headed for the extruded cover derive.

The VX6 In favor of be the uppermost spec as well as most superbly in favor of genre we get till doomsday formed!


130mm TPSynopsis Mash Grip Nylon Embargo-Nail clippings.


23 H x 21 W 4031 Japanese Chromoly Massive Upsweep Fluted T-Embargo.

Press together:

Grind Encrusted 6061 Mix Paired.


FSA – Preserved.


Threadless Fortify IHC Branch and Stencil.


100mm MGP 88A Mix Substance and Grand Recoil PU Anodized Core.


K-2 ABEC 9 Grand Rapidity Chrome.


MGP 4 Expansive VX6 6061 T4 T6 Reheat Treat Fluted and 3 Hollow.

Clutches Stick:

MGP Written Shapely Cover Clutches.

Disc brake:

MGP Synthesis Clearout Disc brake.


Grind Encrusted Cancer stick.


MG Mix Clasp.

Produce Import:

3.76KG (8.29 LBS)

Cover Import:

1.33KG (2.93 LBS)

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